Top Engagement Ring Styles

At TenSevenSeven we craft personal, meaningful keepsakes that are beautifully designed in collaboration with you, and brought to life by expert artisans. The engagement ring that will forever mark your love should be an authentic reflection of yourself and your relationship; but when it comes to designing your bespoke ring, it can be difficult to know where to start.  

To help inspire and guide your journey, we’ve curated this guide to our six fundamental ring styles and how you can make them authentically yours.  

Each of our settings have been meticulously designed by our small team of designers and artisan jewellers, creating the best possible canvases for your bespoke ring.  

If you prefer more of a guided approach to building your unique ring, connect with one of our Diamond Experts.  

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The Super Fine Classic

The icon to end all icons, our Super Fine Classic is the timeless solitaire ring exactly as it should be. Precisely balanced from every angle, modernised with our unique super fine band, and curved for your comfort, it's complete with a classic six-prong design. 

The Super Fine Classic setting is pictured here with a marquise diamond, but it can be customised to your unique vision with a round, oval, or pear diamond in your ideal size and quality, as well as your preferred precious metal for the setting.  

For a slightly more minimalist solitaire setting with a wider range of compatible diamond shapes, discover our Super Fine Signature setting; or opt for a diamond-forward design with the Super Fine Pavé.  

Start designing with the Super Fine Classic
fine gold ring with a marquise diamond on a white background
fine white gold ring with an oval diamond on a white background

The Enhance Halo

The TenSevenSeven take on the halo engagement ring merges the best of traditional craftsmanship with modern, nuanced design. Our designers and artisan jewellers worked to perfect each detail of this setting, so that your centre diamond is set at just the right height to create a seamless finish between your centre stone and the halo. In this way it uniquely amplifies the size and brilliance of your centrepiece. 

Pictured here with an oval centre stone, our Enhance Halo setting can frame nine different diamond shapes, giving you endless options to design a bespoke ring that’s unlike anyone else’s.   

Start designing with the Enhance Halo

The Statement Solitaire

Unapologetically bold and modern, with a nod to heirloom design, this setting is defined by its impactful, flat broad band, completed with a soft edge that’s unique to TenSevenSeven. Our designers and artisans perfected the low diamond setting and ultra refined prongs, for a metal-forward style that still heroes your diamond.  

Pictured here with an equally modern and architectural emerald cut diamond, you can build your bespoke ring with any of eight different diamond shapes that you prefer, and choose from a range of precious metal settings until it’s perfectly yours.  

Start designing with the Statement Solitaire
thick gold ring with an emerald diamond on a white background
gold ring with a bevel set radiant diamond on a white background

The Revel Solitaire

For the minimalist with designer taste. Refined and clean-lined, our Revel Setting epitomises quiet luxury.

Unique for its finely crafted semi bezel setting, with stepped-down windows to let maximum light pass through your diamond; a bold cigar-style band; and smoothed finish to allow for elegant wear sans catching – this setting is functional, discerning luxury incarnate.   

Anything but a traditional solitaire, you can make the Revel Solitaire setting even more unique by tailoring it to your taste. It’s compatible with nine different diamond shapes, from a classic round or oval to a modern emerald (pictured) or marquise.

Start designing with the revel solitaire

The Petite Trio

 A fresh and modern take on the timeless three-stone ring, our Petite Trio setting is your ultimate canvas if you love the classic silhouette of a solitaire, with an unexpected touch. This clean-lined and delicate design heroes your chosen centre diamond, with a minimalist metal treatment and two tiny kite shaped diamonds to complement (or contrast) your centre.  

Originating in the Art Deco movement, kite shaped diamonds have a straight-edged outline that resembles – well, a diamond. Design your bespoke ring with this non-traditional setting as your base, choosing from nine different centre diamond shapes and your preferred precious metal. Pictured here with an oval centre stone.   

Start designing with the Petite Trio
gold ring with oval diamond centre stone
white gold ring with asscher diamond on white background

The Deco Trio

Modernity, luxury, impeccable craftsmanship: these are the pillars of Art Deco design at its best, and they are encapsulated in our Deco Trio Setting.

Taking notes from one of the most coveted heirloom ring designs, this setting is distinguished by our precisely selected baguette side stones, which have just the right length to create harmonious proportions. While the baguette side stones are particularly beautiful paired with a straight-edged cut (such as an asscher, pictured), this setting has been thoughtfully designed to suit any centre stone shape.

Customise your bespoke ring with one of nine centre diamond shapes in your preferred size and characteristics, as well as your favourite precious metal.  For other unique three stone settings, discover our Alchemy Trio with pear side stones; Oval Trio; and Emerald Trio.  

Start designing with the Deco Trio
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