What is Diamond shape?

Diamond shape refers to the physical form or outline of a diamond, with each shape having a unique set of characteristics and visual appeal. Unlike other attributes, diamond shape is not graded, as it is simply a case of aesthetic appeal and personal preference. At TenSevenSeven, we offer nine shapes:


Probably the best-known or most recognizable diamond shape due to its historical popularity, round diamonds contain the largest number of facets, in turn creating more fire, brilliance, and scintillation.


An elegant twist on the round diamond, ovals offer a comparable level of sparkle while appearing larger and creating an elongating effect on the finger. Look for ratios between 1.35 and 1.65 for the best balance.


Often referred to as a teardrop shape, the pear shape is a unique choice with a simplistic elegance. A pear-shaped diamond will elongate the finger and create a distinctive sparkle. Look for ratios between 1.45 and 1.75 for the best balance.


A sleek, modern, geometric shape that's popular for its brilliant sparkle. A great choice for those who want a bold and contemporary look with clean lines.


A vintage-inspired shape for old-fashioned romantics, with soft, rounded edges that resemble a cushion.


A square or rectangular shape with faceted corners. A radiant diamond offers the straight edges of an emerald shape, with the sparkle and fire of the round.


A unique and elegant rectangular shape. The emerald has long, narrow facets that resemble a mirrored staircase. This shape highlights the diamond's clarity, so it’s best to opt for a higher clarity to avoid visible inclusions.


Another very elegant step cut shape, like the emerald cut but completely square. This shape highlights the diamond's clarity, so go with a higher clarity grade to avoid visible inclusions.


A distinctive elongated shape with a sleek pointed finish on both ends. A great choice for those seeking a larger appearing diamond. Look for ratios between 1.75 and 2.25 for the ideal balance.

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